So, you are looking for tips on how to maintain your timber deck and make it last longer. Taking care of your deck is paramount as it helps in preserving the aesthetic appeal of your deck in addition to increasing its lifespan. A deck is a unit that is exposed to a lot of wear and tear from the common foot traffic and weather elements.

Well, timber deck maintenance simply involves regular cleaning, repairing the boards and even sealing on a yearly basis to ensure that the deck lasts for years to come. If you don’t know how to go about these practices, this article will shed some light for you.

Timber Deck Repair

You will need to check every board for loose nails on a regular basis. If you come across a loose nail, drive it down with a hammer. If you discover any rotten boards, you need to replace them. However, this might call for a professional hand. Deck boards that happen to be splintered ideally need to be repaired. In regards to this, you can use an 80-grit sandpaper to polish the tiny splinters until the deck board is entirely smooth.

Cleaning The Timber Deck

This one of the core maintenance procedures for any wood deck out there. To clean your deck, start by using a broom to sweep of any debris, leaves, and dirt. Second, fill a bucket with warm water and add a few ounces of oxygen bleach. I would advise you to use four ounces of bleach for every gallon. Give the bleach a few minutes to dissolve in water and then use the solution to scrub the boards thoroughly using a brush. Allow the solution to stay on the wood deck for ten minutes and then rinse with water, preferably with a garden hose. After this, give the deck a minimum of two days before sealing.

Sealing The Deck

For this practice, you need to choose an ideal sealer that is waterproof, has UV protection features as well as mildew protector.

Stir the sealer using a paint stirrer and then pour it into a paint tray that contains a liner. Then apply the sealer on the boards using a paint roller. You can dip it into the tray to ensure it absorbs an adequate amount of the sealer. Next, roll a thin sealer coat on the deck boards to make a beautiful and smooth paint for your deck. Ensure that you even out the puddles, roller or drip marks with a small paint brush. Allow the sealer to dry completely within the time frame recommended by the vendor. You can apply the second coat after the first one has dried.

Keep in mind that such applications such be done during suitable weather conditions.  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and also ascertain that it’s not likely to rain for the next 24 hours.

If you follow these tips, you can be confident that your wooden deck from Wooden Creation will last for long. If the job is beyond your capability, you can always call in an expert.

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