Do you already feel stuck with your current fitness regimen? I highly recommend trying out the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training of Impulse Studio and you’ll end up having your muscles work like they’ve never been.

I’ve always been a gym rat. I hit the gym four to five time per week doing a mix of high intensity cardio and strength training. As expected, this routine is prone to various injuries. I personally started to feel sharp pain on my back, perhaps from deadlifting. Eventually, I had to take a step back from my strength training. This is how I found out about Impulse Studio in Malaysia. I wanted a gym that can help me maintain my muscle gain, without being too harsh on my joints and back.

Initially, I was considering yoga but flexibility is really not in my system yet. While checking out the website of Impulse Studio, I tried registering for their trial classes to experience for myself what EMS training is like. I did not expect their team to respond immediately! I got a class schedule within two days. When I walked in the gym, it was a completely different ambiance from the gym that you’re used to. Everyone was very warm and accommodating from the front desk to the trainers. After a quick introduction with the assigned trainer to me, I was assisted to my first EMS program. It’s important to tell your trainer about your exercise habits, as well as pre-existing conditions. In my case, I told him about the bothering pain on my back. Fortunately, long term sessions with EMS can help address it.

As promised in their website and by my trainer himself, EMS truly engages every muscle in your body. You will the same burn that you get during a typical resistance training program, but with less strain on your joints and form. The best part is it only lasted for 25 minutes, and I was already done and sweating. I even felt my muscles contract like they never did before, and that’s how I know I had a great workout in less than an hour.Image result for EMS gym

One of the great things about Impulse Studio Asia is that they make their program accessible for people of all fitness levels. Whether you are totally new to exercising, or simply want to explore other forms of exercise, they will welcome you there with a smile. During my trial EMS Session, I even saw a couple who are around in their 50s who also tried the program with me. It certainly gave me more motivation to keep on with my EMS training.

After my first trial class, I immediately signed up for an official membership with Impulse Studio. My branch is located in Kuala Lumpur center, which is really near my workplace. If you are in Petaling Jaya, they also have a branch there making them one of the most accessible gym in Malaysia. EMS can be your regular fitness program, or it can also complement your other exercise program. Either way, you are sure to have those muscles fired up and your metabolism on the run!

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