If you are going on a business trip or just down to the gym you might want to consider having a leather duffle bag. Leather duffle bags are not only fashionable but, they are more durable than their cloth and canvas counterparts. There are a few points you have to consider when you choose your leather duffle bag.

Straps or Wheels?

When you look at leather duffle bags you will notice that many of them have wheels. This is ideal for times when you have heavy objects in the bag. However, you need to consider the times when you have light items in the bag and want to carry them. travel_bag-o1 (3)

Wheeled duffle bags generally have carry straps and a shoulder strap which you can use. The problem is that they also have metal pipes for the pull handle and this could make them uncomfortable to carry. Duffle bags without wheels will be more comfortable to carry but, they can become heavy over time.

Look At The Seams

The durability of a leather bag is due in part to the leather and in part to the overall bag construction. There is no point in getting a leather bag if the seams are not sewn correctly. You should check the seams are tidy and that they have the proper ribbing to stop them tearing. You also need to check the zippers to see that they are attached correctly.

If possible you should look at the seam lines inside the duffle bag. This is not always possible because some leather duffle bags have a lining which hides the seams. If you see any problems with the seams you should consider a different bag.

The Capacity Of The Bag

The capacity of your duffle bag needs to suit the reason why you are using it. If you are using the bag to carry your gym clothes you need a smaller bag than someone who is looking to take it on a business trip. To determine the size of the bag you need you should look at all the items you will place in it and determine how they will fit.briefcase-o1 (1)

When looking at size, you also need to consider how you are going to carry the bag. Smaller duffle bags are easier to carry using the straps but, larger bags will be awkward and may require wheels.

The Maintenance Required

While a leather duffle bag does not require a lot of maintenance you will have to treat the leather periodically. This is important if you are going to be using the bag regularly. Some leathers will need to be treated more often than others and if you have a patterned duffle bag you might need special treatments. If you do not properly care for the duffle bag it could start to crack and this will decrease the durability.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose a leather duffle bag. However, when you look to buy you have to consider the size and how you are going to carry it.