Do you already feel stuck with your current fitness regimen? I highly recommend trying out the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training of Impulse Studio and you’ll end up having your muscles work like they’ve never been.

I’ve always been a gym rat. I hit the gym four to five time per week doing a mix of high intensity cardio and strength training. As expected, this routine is prone to various injuries. I personally started to feel sharp pain on my back, perhaps from deadlifting. Eventually, I had to take a step back from my strength training. This is how I found out about Impulse Studio in Malaysia. I wanted a gym that can help me maintain my muscle gain, without being too harsh on my joints and back.

Initially, I was considering yoga but flexibility is really not in my system yet. While checking out the website of Impulse Studio, I tried registering for their trial classes to experience for myself what EMS training is like. I did not expect their team to respond immediately! I got a class schedule within two days. When I walked in the gym, it was a completely different ambiance from the gym that you’re used to. Everyone was very warm and accommodating from the front desk to the trainers. After a quick introduction with the assigned trainer to me, I was assisted to my first EMS program. It’s important to tell your trainer about your exercise habits, as well as pre-existing conditions. In my case, I told him about the bothering pain on my back. Fortunately, long term sessions with EMS can help address it.

As promised in their website and by my trainer himself, EMS truly engages every muscle in your body. You will the same burn that you get during a typical resistance training program, but with less strain on your joints and form. The best part is it only lasted for 25 minutes, and I was already done and sweating. I even felt my muscles contract like they never did before, and that’s how I know I had a great workout in less than an hour.Image result for EMS gym

One of the great things about Impulse Studio Asia is that they make their program accessible for people of all fitness levels. Whether you are totally new to exercising, or simply want to explore other forms of exercise, they will welcome you there with a smile. During my trial EMS Session, I even saw a couple who are around in their 50s who also tried the program with me. It certainly gave me more motivation to keep on with my EMS training.

After my first trial class, I immediately signed up for an official membership with Impulse Studio. My branch is located in Kuala Lumpur center, which is really near my workplace. If you are in Petaling Jaya, they also have a branch there making them one of the most accessible gym in Malaysia. EMS can be your regular fitness program, or it can also complement your other exercise program. Either way, you are sure to have those muscles fired up and your metabolism on the run!

If you have been wondering what dermal fillers are and how they work, you will be able to benefit a great deal of researching to find the right answers. For a great number of people, dermal fillers are a great way to go about the beauty rejuvenation process to look good and feel better about themselves.

According to Revival clinic, dermal fillers are a better solution than botox. The fillers can be easily used to rejuvenate, repair and remodel the facial tissues and skin to try to give a more youthful appearance with healthy, glowing skin. There can be a great deal of benefits that come from using dermal filler injections, including:

A Younger Appearance

Many dermal filler patients will be those who are already in the aging process. They will have dermal filler done to help them stay young in terms of appearance, while also repairing the wrinkles that are on their faces. However, it should be known that dermal filler can be rather expensive. Many people are looking to have it done even so, opting to select dermal fillers over botox as there are more benefits involved. There are basically two kinds of dermal fillers, those that are natural and those that are synthetic. With natural dermal filler products, there is download (19)a smaller risk of any adverse reactions to the skin, while the synthetic dermal filler poses a higher danger for giving off bad results that can come from the procedure. Since it involves the process of making your skin look a lot younger, it can help to rejuvenate and repair a great deal of damaged skin and tissues on your face, giving you the facelift effect.

These are the benefits involved:

– Filling out any black areas or spots that are under your eyes. The blackened or hollow areas under the eyes will usually be caused by stress and a lack of sleep. It can also be a major reason why someone will look a bit older than their actual chronological age. With a dermal filler, it will make the black, hollow area look fuller and fresher.
– Repair the chicken pox scars and acne that you may have. Many people have had acne at one point or another in their lives. Having acne will usually lead to frustration, or even depression. With the help of a good dermal filler, it can improve the surface of the skin and make the pox or acne scars more unnoticeable.
– Fixing of the shape of the lips. Dermal fill will help to plumb out the lips, smoothing out vertical lines and improving the edges.
– Augmentation of the cheek area. When it comes to the overall restoration of the skin to get back the younger looking glow, dermal filler to augment the cheeks will give you the results that you need.

download (20)These are just some of the different procedures that can be done by way of dermal fillers. This is a process that is now a lot more popular in Malaysia than it is in any other country. You will even see that there are a great deal of people that will go to Malaysia just to have dermal fillers done to get incredible results for youthful looking skin.

There are a number of different kinds of industrial fans available, including air blowers and cross flow blowers. Each type of fan has a different purpose and unique specs. The fan may blow the air in or suck the air out, depending on its purpose. The size of the area to be cooled will also define the type of industrial fan to be used.

If you are considering purchasing an industrial fan, you need to understand the different types of fan and their purpose. Many people do not even realize that they need an industrial fan until they have read the benefits of each type of fan. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of industrial fans from DAV Enginneering and how they can benefit your business.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans, or air blower fans, blow large amounts of air. These fans distribute air in a rotating motion. The air is sucked into the back of the fan and blown out of the front of the fan. The speed of the fan blade rotation controls the amount of air that is blown. For example, when the blades are rotating fast, more air and stronger air will be produced. Conversely, slower rotating blades will produce less of a breeze.
These fans are often used to pull air from the room or to keep a unit cool that is continually operated. If your machinery is overheating or experiencing any other types of heat problems, an air blower fan may be an effective (10)

Axial Fans

Axial fans utilize large blades that look similar to a propeller. The axial fan creates wind flow in an axial direction. These type of fans use the least amount of energy to produce the most amount of air flow. These fans are great for industrial cooling and are often used in small spaces in the place of an air blower fan. These are especially beneficial for computers and electronics when continual air flow is needed to keep the items cool.

Diagonal Fansdownload (9)

This type of industrial fan creates a mixed direction of airflow. The air produces goes diagonally away from the fan. These fans often are cone shaped and more compact than other types of fans. Additionally, the noise produced from this type of fan is minimal. These fans are often used in locations where air needs to move in a number of directions at the same time.

Cross Blower Fans

This is a unique type of air blowing industrial fan. The fan is laid flat and placed on the ground. The fan sucks air in from above and transports it into a tube. Then captured air is then redirected to another flat surface parallel to the ground. This type of fan is perfect for large surface areas that need to be cooled.

As you can see, there are a number of different types of industrial fans. Each has their own unique design and purpose. The type of fan that you need will depend on the circumstance, the location and the type of air flow that needs to be produced.

If you are going on a business trip or just down to the gym you might want to consider having a leather duffle bag. Leather duffle bags are not only fashionable but, they are more durable than their cloth and canvas counterparts. There are a few points you have to consider when you choose your leather duffle bag.

Straps or Wheels?

When you look at leather duffle bags you will notice that many of them have wheels. This is ideal for times when you have heavy objects in the bag. However, you need to consider the times when you have light items in the bag and want to carry them. travel_bag-o1 (3)

Wheeled duffle bags generally have carry straps and a shoulder strap which you can use. The problem is that they also have metal pipes for the pull handle and this could make them uncomfortable to carry. Duffle bags without wheels will be more comfortable to carry but, they can become heavy over time.

Look At The Seams

The durability of a leather bag is due in part to the leather and in part to the overall bag construction. There is no point in getting a leather bag if the seams are not sewn correctly. You should check the seams are tidy and that they have the proper ribbing to stop them tearing. You also need to check the zippers to see that they are attached correctly.

If possible you should look at the seam lines inside the duffle bag. This is not always possible because some leather duffle bags have a lining which hides the seams. If you see any problems with the seams you should consider a different bag.

The Capacity Of The Bag

The capacity of your duffle bag needs to suit the reason why you are using it. If you are using the bag to carry your gym clothes you need a smaller bag than someone who is looking to take it on a business trip. To determine the size of the bag you need you should look at all the items you will place in it and determine how they will fit.briefcase-o1 (1)

When looking at size, you also need to consider how you are going to carry the bag. Smaller duffle bags are easier to carry using the straps but, larger bags will be awkward and may require wheels.

The Maintenance Required

While a leather duffle bag does not require a lot of maintenance you will have to treat the leather periodically. This is important if you are going to be using the bag regularly. Some leathers will need to be treated more often than others and if you have a patterned duffle bag you might need special treatments. If you do not properly care for the duffle bag it could start to crack and this will decrease the durability.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose a leather duffle bag. However, when you look to buy you have to consider the size and how you are going to carry it.

So, you are looking for tips on how to maintain your timber deck and make it last longer. Taking care of your deck is paramount as it helps in preserving the aesthetic appeal of your deck in addition to increasing its lifespan. A deck is a unit that is exposed to a lot of wear and tear from the common foot traffic and weather elements.

Well, timber deck maintenance simply involves regular cleaning, repairing the boards and even sealing on a yearly basis to ensure that the deck lasts for years to come. If you don’t know how to go about these practices, this article will shed some light for you.

Timber Deck Repair

You will need to check every board for loose nails on a regular basis. If you come across a loose nail, drive it down with a hammer. If you discover any rotten boards, you need to replace them. However, this might call for a professional hand. Deck boards that happen to be splintered ideally need to be repaired. In regards to this, you can use an 80-grit sandpaper to polish the tiny splinters until the deck board is entirely smooth.

Cleaning The Timber Deck

This one of the core maintenance procedures for any wood deck out there. To clean your deck, start by using a broom to sweep of any debris, leaves, and dirt. Second, fill a bucket with warm water and add a few ounces of oxygen bleach. I would advise you to use four ounces of bleach for every gallon. Give the bleach a few minutes to dissolve in water and then use the solution to scrub the boards thoroughly using a brush. Allow the solution to stay on the wood deck for ten minutes and then rinse with water, preferably with a garden hose. After this, give the deck a minimum of two days before sealing.

Sealing The Deck

For this practice, you need to choose an ideal sealer that is waterproof, has UV protection features as well as mildew protector.

Stir the sealer using a paint stirrer and then pour it into a paint tray that contains a liner. Then apply the sealer on the boards using a paint roller. You can dip it into the tray to ensure it absorbs an adequate amount of the sealer. Next, roll a thin sealer coat on the deck boards to make a beautiful and smooth paint for your deck. Ensure that you even out the puddles, roller or drip marks with a small paint brush. Allow the sealer to dry completely within the time frame recommended by the vendor. You can apply the second coat after the first one has dried.

Keep in mind that such applications such be done during suitable weather conditions.  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and also ascertain that it’s not likely to rain for the next 24 hours.

If you follow these tips, you can be confident that your wooden deck from Wooden Creation will last for long. If the job is beyond your capability, you can always call in an expert.